green-cube.org — energy is life

green-cube.org improves your qual­ity of life through a com­bined pro­duc­tion of renew­able energy such as sun, wind, water and bio­mass. green-cube.org thus includes the stor­age of energy, drink­ing water purifi­ca­tion and var­i­ous impor­tant and spe­cific „life-modules“.

  • turnkey — fixed price
  • B(L)OT — leas­ing price and per­for­mance guarantee

green-cube.org is a con­tainer (cube) that can be equipped with var­i­ous mod­ules. The mod­ules are used to pro­duce renew­able energy and to ensure basic human needs. The energy is exclu­sively pro­duced by renew­able sources like the sun, wind, water and bio­mass. It is pos­si­ble to add so-called “life-modules” to the green-cube.org. They thereby ensure basic needs and sus­tain­ably improve qual­ity of life. Thus for exam­ple water can be puri­fied or basic med­ical care can be pro­vided. green-cube.org is com­pletely moblie because all mod­ules can be dis­man­tled and stored in the con­tainer. Thereby the con­tainer can be eas­ily moved and used in an alter­nate loca­tion. All activ­i­ties like the energy pro­duc­tion can directly be mon­i­tored and adjusted in the con­tainer or by a remote con­trol system.

green-cube.org offers var­i­ous advan­tages com­pared to con­ven­tional forms of energy production:

  • decen­tral­ized inde­pen­dent energy supply
  • 100% renew­able energy sources
  • sig­nif­i­cant reduc­tion of CO2–emis­sions
  • location-independent, quickly planned and fast operational
  • adap­tive due to a cus­tomiz­able module-system
  • low main­te­nance costs and guarantees
  • ver­sa­tile and affordable
  • sub­sti­tute for gas– and diesel generators

green-cube.org pro­vides nearly unlim­ited appli­ca­tion fields. green-cube.org shows its qual­i­ties in two main fields — the energy and life field. energy stands for a sus­tain­able, eco­log­i­cal and self-sufficent energy-production. The life field pro­vides pos­si­bilites to improve and sup­port life-quality with infra­struc­ture or insti­tu­tions. green-cube.org stands out with its inde­pen­dency from the power-grid or exist­ing and expen­sive infra­struc­ture and its prompt com­mis­sion­ing. Thus it is applic­a­ble in nearly every area.



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