green-cube.org – energy is life – for all

As social entrepreneurs, we plan und realize with our team of more than 40 members of spezialists and partners for our customers in Switzerland and around the world, plants for cost-effective and profitable production and storage of electricity and heat from renewable sources, including lifemodules as needed (Ex. drinking water, fruit drying, cooling, light etc.) as „income booster“. This gives them more lifequality for his children and families.

The market for renewable energy has worldwide an enormous potential for decentralized and independent systems. To realize these opportunities, green-cube.org offers a comprehensive solution for cleantech production of renewable energy from solar, wind, water and biomass. By combining the optimal energy sources on each site, the best solution can be implemented. In many cases, ecological energy production and energy saving measures, if necessary, can also be combined with life-modules as drinking water treatment. The activities of the company can be divided into three core segments:
  • Energy: countries with well-developed and reliable infrastructure
    • Energy represents a sustainable, ecological, income generating and autonomous energy supply of (combined) renewable energy sources, such as photovoltaic installations on industrial buildings (> 1’000m2)
  • Life: regions with a weak or missing infrastructure
    • The Life sector offers opportunities to improve and support the quality of life. Infrastructure and institutions can support and be sustainable so that helped peoples, for example, drinking water, light, heat, cooling, drying etc.
  • Aid: developing countries, disaster Areas
    • In cooperation with aid agencies and humanitarian organizations in energy infrastructure for the acute and long-term use will be provided

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